Hot Air Balloon adventure - Testimonials Reviews


We were nervous about being 5000 feet in the air in a wicker basket, but it was amazing! Smoothest flight we've ever been on!
Daniel Cardogan, July 2011.

It was an awesome experience! We loved it! It was so cool and amazing to look down! Best trip ever! And we had the prettiest hot air balloon in the sky!!!
The Rubin's, August 2008.

The best journey of our vacation in the sky of Canada. Wonderful, amazing, interesting!!! Super viaje, una grande experienca!!!
Olivia Sevilla from Guadalajara, Mexico, June 2007.

What a beautiful experience. Very nice and professional people. Would come back again anytime. Thank you so much.
Linda Lasorsa, February 2006.

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience! I will never forget it.
Eleni, July 2005.

One of the most relaxing experience of my life!
Frank Porco, June 2004.

Picture Perfect - Like a dream!!
Jasmin Mori, June 2003

This is a super celebration of our 60th wedding anniversary. Thanks to our family and the ones who made this possible. Lennie A new experience and I loved it! Art
Art & Lennie Buchmaster, 89 et 84 years old, September 2002

A marvelous way to fly. We'd loved the silence! like a sailboat of the sky.
Rod & Corinne McGregor, September 2001

This was the best “HIGH” of my life.
Bill Macdonald, August 2000.

This has to be the most enjoyable experience for me and my family. This is our first but I don't think the last. I will recommend to everyone to, at least, experience this once. Marc has to be the greatest pilot in the world.
Igbal, Birte & Amrita Paul, October 2000.

Thank you very much for a fantastic experience over the city of St-Jean. A memory to have forever.
Svein Repstad from Norway, June 99

It was a very special and pleasant flight! We were very excited throughout the flight. Next time, we will bring more customers from Japan!!
Yasuhiro & Rakuko Kadota from Japan, July 99.

I wouldn't hesitate to go up again. We waited for an hour but it was well worth it, the sun was out and the view magnificent. Thanks
Scott, Maxine & James Bellin, August 99.

I found this trip serene and magical. It's closest I have come to flying like a bird. Thank you!
Christian Glezos, September 99.

Outstanding flight, Mark is the best and the crew was superb. We need a Brink's Balloon!
Mike Mehos, Brink's USA president, Connecticut, August 97.