Hot air balloon adventure Montreal South Shore

Your Adventure

Your Adventure begins at the launch site where you have the opportunity to become involved as a crew member and help with the assembly and inflation of the balloon or if you prefer, you may simply sit back, observe and take pictures as the gentle giant comes alive.

Your unique journey begins as we gently lift off to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views while literally floating in the air around us.

We fly at various altitudes to ensure we find the best ballooning experience for you. We sometimes fly low enough to pick leaves from tree tops while other times, our gentle assent can be barley felt as we climb to see the entire Richelieu valley.

While we are aloft, the ground crew skilfully tracks our flight path to assist with a gentle landing and bring us back to our launch site.

After landing, enjoy a delicious local sparkling wine as we toast to your safe return to “Mother Earth” as well as your memorable adventure. You will be presented with a flight certificate and a balloon pin to commemorate your fabulous "balade".

To immortalize this wonderful memory, we will give you a personalized certificate commemorating your flight with the Balad’Air team.

Make sure you bring your camera – you’ll be very happy you did!

Whether it is for a group, your family, a special occasion or simply for your own enjoyment, contact us for a ride that will create a cherished memory for a life time !