Hot Air balloons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Question

Will it be cold up there?

The temperature during the flight will be quite similar as the one at ground level. Since the balloon is moving at the same speed as the wind, we lose the wind chill effect. Combine with the burners, you might even fell it slightly warmer in the air than on the ground.
So, dress accordingly to the temperature forecasted. For flights at the end of the day, it would be wise to bring a jacket or a sweater for after the landing.

Physical condition?

Anyone who would like to take part in a hot air balloon trip should be able to stand during the whole flight.
We have baskets specially equipped with seats for people with reduced mobility. Special arrangements must however be taken ahead of time.
Flights are not recommended for pregnant women, or for anyone who has undergone recent surgery.
People under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be accept onboard.

How far are we flying?

It all depends on winds speed. As a hot air balloon is wind-propelled, the distance may vary from only a few kilometres if the wind is light to more than twenty kilometres when the winds are stronger. We fly an average of 10 to 12 kilometres.

Am I allowed to help?

Many hands make light work! As directed by your pilot, we encourage our passengers to be part of our ground crew assisting in preparing the hot air balloon for flight as well as assisting after landing (as directed by your pilot) to put this gentle giant to bed.

What about motion sickness or vertigo?

Vertigo normally happens when there is a connection between the ground and where you are (a ladder, a roof, etc.). In hot air ballooning there is no connection between you and the ground, therefore there is very little chance you would suffer from vertigo.
Most people who are convinced they will suffer from vertigo do not experience it during a flight. Since the beginning of our operations, we never had to land for an airsick passenger.
During the flight, the basket is very stable. Since there is no feeling of motion whatsoever, you will feel very comfortable immediately at take-off.

How high do we fly?

We fly at various altitudes to ensure the best possible flight experience and spectacular views. Most flights take place between 500 and 3000 feet.

Age and height requirements?

There is no minimum or maximum age to fly in a hot air balloon. However, children should be tall enough to be able to see over the basket (approximately 42 inches or 105 cm).

What about our friends who want to tag along without flying?

They are welcome to assist or participate to the preparation of the flight.
During the flight, they can follow our chase crew's vehicle with their own vehicle to the landing spot and join us for a traditional ceremony.

What happens if the flight is cancelled due to weather?

In the event the flight is cancelled, we will try very hard to find another flight window to safely accommodate your flight request within your available timeframe.
Hot Air Ballooning is very much weather sensitive. On very rare occasions we might have to cancel a flight at the last minute, sometimes even just before takeoff. Your safety is paramount and our main concern.

How many people can go in a basket?

The number of passengers mostly depends on reservations and balloon size. We have different size balloons and baskets that can accommodate between 2 and 8 passengers. Our 8 passengers balloon have 4 compartments accommodating 2 passengers in each making it very private and comfortable.
However, the true lifting capacity of a hot air balloon is not determined by the number of its passengers but rather by the weight of the maximum payload. That is why we ask for your weight upon reservation.

Is ballooning safe?

Absolutely! Statistically, flight is the safest form of transportation and ballooning is statistically the safest form of flight. Believe it or not, getting in and out of the basket is the most dangerous part of the whole flight!
Balad'Air has skilled and experienced pilots and ground crew with impeccable safety records so really, no worries, you are in good hands.